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Platelet Rich Plazma is a skin tightening technique that is used by many people. It produces an invigorating and tightening effect on your skin. Platelets arouse collagen manufacturing when inserted into the skin.

This aids to mend the skin’s surface and elasticity. This therapy is certainly supportive for treating fine lines and crumples, textural improvement, low-spirited parched skin and hair-growth stimulation. PRP treatment for face in Dubai is done by gathering a small volume of blood from the patient’s own body and then twirling it down to isolate the red blood cells from the platelet cells. This consequent PRP is then injected back under the skin by an arrangement of tiny injections. The course of PRP treatment generally takes about an hour and the skin zone to be cured is made insensitive with an appropriate anesthetic cream. Usually, it is a very safe treatment and one treatment in a month for 3-4 months is essential, then repeat treatments can be completed either 6-monthly or annually, depending on your skin and desired results. Some inflammation, bruising and tenderness might be there but it will dwindle rapidly over the next 4-7 days. As PRP is made up of patient’s own blood constituents, there is no risk of denial, antipathy, or serious enduring side effects.
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment